2014 Issue of New Jersey English Journal (The Classroom and Beyond) is Out!

Here is a preview of our cover, designed by Tomer Aberbach (THS '16)
Here is a preview of our cover, designed by Tomer Aberbach (THS '16)

Announcing Our 2015 Theme: The Role of Assessment

New Jersey English Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, invites you to share submissions on “The Role of Assessment.” We seek researched articles as well as personal essays and other creative responses that shed light on the many possibilities, topics, issues, problems and solutions related to assessment. Articles should relate directly to English Language Arts teaching and learning.


We invite you to respond to the theme of “The Role of Assessment” by considering such questions as:

• How can educators use assessment to foster learning?

• What role should, and can, assessment play in student learning?

• What types of assessment do you find to be particularly effective?

• What is the role of formative assessment?

• What is the role of summative assessment?

• When and how should assessment drive curriculum and learning?

• When is assessment helpful, and when is it harmful?

• Is assessment an important component of student learning?

• What is the value of self-assessment and/or of peer assessment, for educators and/or students?

• How might Common Core State Standards-based assessments (i.e., PARCC, Smarter Balanced) impact teaching practices and/or student learning?

• What about teacher assessment – and/or the impact of student assessment data in teacher evaluation?

• How can teachers and/or students make use of assessment data?

• What are the values of objective and subjective assessment?


In addition to submissions that respond to the theme, we also welcome general submissions and poetry. Submissions will be accepted between April 1 and December 15, 2014.


Submissions must use MLA formatting. All submissions will be reviewed by multiple members of our editorial board. Submitters will receive a response by February 1, 2015; journal will be released by April 1, 2015.


Send queries and submissions to journal editor Dana Maloney: dana.maloney@gmail.com.


About the NJ English Journal

New Jersey English Journal is a peer-reviewed publication of the New Jersey Council of Teachers of English. It publishes essays, notes, queries, book reviews, letters to the editor, poetry and visual art pertaining to the teaching and understanding of writing and literature. The NJEJ welcomes a variety of critical, theoretical and practical approaches.


SUBSCRIPTION: New Jersey English Journal is published yearly and distributed free to members of the NJCTE.* Individual issues may be purchased at a cost of $15 per issue, postage paid. Requests for copies of the recent issue may be sent to Dana Maloney, 18 Oxford Terrace, West Orange, NJ 07052.


SUBMISSIONS: Authors are requested to comply with the most recent MLA (7th ed.) style for citations.


*MEMBERSHIP: Membership is $25 annually, and runs from April 1 to March 31. Membership requests should be sent, payable to NJCTE: Joyce Washington, 35 Leonard Ave, West Milford, NJ 07480.


The NJCTE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) professional organization dedicated to educational and beneficial purposes. NJCTE fosters excellence in English language arts by helping develop academic and professional expertise in instruction at all levels, and by recognizing the worthy endeavors of students and their teachers.

For more information, please visit: www.NJCTE.com

2013 Issue

Spring 2013 Issue

Teaching English Language Arts In and For the 21st Century:  What and How?

Dana Maloney, Editor


From the Editor

Dana H. Maloney


From Literature to Literacy

Heather D. Rocco


Teaching English in the 21st Century:  An Integrated Approach

Patricia Hans


Tweet This:  Helping Students Transfer Their Digital Media Skills to Complex Reading Tasks

Jennifer Beach and Stacia Keel


The Creative Imagination and Its Impact on 21st Century Literacies

Jeffrey Pflaum


i-teaching in the 21st Century

Liz deBeer


Hip to Be Square

Liz deBeer


Literary Instagram:  Shakespearean Imagery in Social Media

Gregory Vacca


From Sound Bites to Sound Learning:  Engaging One-Click Kids in Long-Term Study 

Jessica Rosevear


Have You Been MOOCed? 

Ken Ronkowitz




The Young Adult in Literature -- Feeling It!

M. Jerry Weiss


If You Could See What I See

Mary Ann St. Jacques


One Book, One College:  Cumberland County College's Approach

Walter H. Johnson


On Language and Rarity

Vanessa Rasmussen


A Lesson Dashed

Gary J. Whitehead


Is That It?

Dana H. Maloney





Anne Wessel Dwyer


High School in Reverse

Gary J. Whitehead


An Ode to the Timed Essay

Andy Hueller


On Repeatedly Rereading Shelley's Frankenstein

Vanessa Rasmussen



Joe Pizzo


Public School in the Year 2031

Joe Pizzo


Writing Process

Dana H. Maloney


Shakespeare in the Park Washed Out:  A Villanelle

Marcia Holtzman

2012 Young Adult Literature Issue

The NJ English Journal, YA Issue
The NJ English Journal, YA Issue

Arriving just in time for our March 31 conference at Montclair State University (and the release of the film version of The Hunger Games) is our new series New Jersey English Journal.  This year's theme is Young Adult Literature, and we're all excited about what we have to bring you.


The journal is FREE to all members, and will be distributed at the conference.  Non-members may purchase a copy at the conference for $15.  Send a check or money order, payable to NJCTE, to:

Journal Editor, Laura Nicosia

English Department

Montclair State University

Upper Montclair, NJ 07043


or click on the soon-to-be-activated link below.


Here's a sneak peak at what's inside:

Young Adult Literature Issue

Spring 2012


Young Adult Literature: Resurrecting Reading for 21st Century Students

James F. Nicosia and Laura M. Nicosia


On Becoming Lifelong Readers

Christopher de Vinck


And They Will Read

M. Jerry Weiss


The YA Protagonist: Orphaned No More

Kyle Kovacs


The Stereotypes of Female Gender in YAL

Annie Yon


Traversing the Portals of Reality

Colleen DellaPorta


Using The Hunger Games and Social Media to Cultivate a Culture of Literacy

Sarah Mulhern Gross and Michelle Lampinen


Gender Preferences for Book Genres & the Connection Between Reading & Writing Skills 

Peter Fredas


The Hunger Games and To Kill a Mockingbird: Explaining the Power Within 

Maheen Ahmad

Fairy Tales Redux: Jon Scieszka’s Revitalization of a Genre for the 21st Century Kid

James F. Nicosia and Laura M. Nicosia