Involving all students in the adventure of writing

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never harm you."  That's the theme of our writing contest this year.  The worst names our contest has been called are "obscure" and "hidden".   "Best-kept secret" - that's what we actually are.  Please read and contribute to this blog about why words, written and spoken, should matter to every student, every teacher, every parent, every professional, every tradesman, every farmer, every fisherman and, especially to every politician.


Writing has sometime been called its own reward, but most young people are willing to search for Pokemon throughout all of the highways and byways of Europe, America and Asia; they don't search for that vivid verb, that exact noun, the "mot juste" that would enable them to speak to someone else's heart.  Why is that?   Are there just too many words out there blocking the way to our souls?   The paparazzi of language coming at us from our smartphones, tablets, laptops, billboards et al exploding words in our faces?   

What do you think?  And how can we involve more students in New Jersey in this year's quest to expose the dark underbelly of language?   Michele M., seeking the Pokemon of language

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