Genre Winners for 2012

Personal Essay Category

Gold Medal - Grandma's Cooking - Gabrielle Salerno, Livingston High School
This elegiac meditation focuses on how preparing meals with love acts as the sinews binding families, especially Italian families as presented here.
Gold Essay - Grandma's Cooking.pdf
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Gold Medal - Never a Mint Leaf - James Edwards, Northern Highlands Regional HS
Death is confronted, refused, chewed over and painfully digested in this dense and tightly written essay.
Gold Essay - Never a Mint Leaf.pdf
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Silver Medal - A Simple Meal - Leo Hentschker, Montclair High School
The savor and aroma of plump Alsatian sausage permeates this exploration of the history of two families united on a wedding day at a formal reception that never happens.
A Simple Meal.pdf
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Bronze Medal - On Curry - Aishwarya Raja, Bergen County Academies
"My Grandmother is dead and I am still alive to smell the curry" - so begins this meditation on the paradox that death can enter even the most vital and elemental aspects of life and invade the memory of our most cherished family members. We must set life against death and carry on.
Bronze Medal - On Curry.pdf
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Bronze Medal - Swallow the Red - Jasmine Wang, East Brunswick High School
Why do some people prefer hot pepper that burns their mouths to any other seasoning? Some foods run through our veins and identify who we are according to this celebratory essay full of verbal fireworks.
Bronze Medal - Swallow the Red.pdf
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