Gold Medal - Lady of the Loose Threads - Kayla Allen, Immaculate Heart Academy
Arriving in Camelot to serve as lady-in-waiting to Queen Guenevere, 11 year old Carwen felt as if she were "the tiniest of ants,"... "a loose thread in the tapestry." Kayla Allen succeeds in suspending her readers' disbelief as they enter Camelot with Carwen and observe her learn a hard lesson and begin a difficult quest.
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Silver Medal - Prove It - Nicole Saldarriaga, Immaculate Heart Academy
Teenage boys gathered in their favorite hang out, a junkyard surrounded by rusting cars, dare their quietest member to steal one of the guns his father, a hunter, owns. The gun the young man chooses to bring is loaded, and his girlfriend comes along... The inner conflict is attentively explored.
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Bronze Medal Winner - Somewhere, Anywhere But There - Julian Royal, Bergen County Academies
Racing through the southern woods to escape from a life of slavery, the protagonist panics and seeks options, remembering a friend almost killed by the 100 lashes he received after an attempted escape. The author skillfully maintains the tension and builds our sympathy for this protagonist.
Bronze - Fiction - Somewhere Anywhere bu
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Bronze Medal - Al's Red Schwinn - Madeleine Granovetter, Glen Ridge High School
Strong characterization and well-selected dialogue bring to life this sensitive tale of two middle-aged brothers who teach and learn from each other as they work through life's problems. Yet, learning to ride a bike at age 40 can bring its perils...
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Bronze Medal - Seven Santas Singing - Nicolette Pire, Immaculate Heart Academy
With fresh and imaginative use of language and careful attention to tone, the author brings the reader fully into the perspective of a young child who is encountering the complexities of the world for the first time. How can there be 7 Santas?
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