2014 Winning Poems

"Cartography" by Alana Spendley, winner of the Gold Medal
With exquisite and precise images, the poet explores the mapless interconnections among her life, the world, and language.
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"Birkenau" by Alexa Derman, winner of the Silver Medal
The poet seeks to escape the heavy weight of history without denying it and finds the only solution to be searing the past into her soul through poetry.
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"Intangible" by Jessica Li, winner of the Silver Medal
What is measurable is less important than the "fleeting moment... we try to grab with two hands, the seams overfilling through/the spaces between our fingers" this poet asserts.
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"At Night the Characters on My Shelves Take Over My Room" by Carolyn Pontoriero, winner of the Silver Medal
The poet imagines characters living outside as well as within their authors' created worlds.
At Night the Characters on My Shelves Ta
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"Jackie" by Oriana Tang, winner of the Bronze Medal
Camelot has never lived in language this fully. The poet shares a seat in John F. Kennedy's fateful last moments.
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