2014 Winning Short Stories

"Hands" by Emily Choi, winner of the Gold Medal
The son of a gifted pianist struggles with his musical balance as his father is dying. Emotionally on key and in perfect pitch.
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"The Final Straw" by Mahashwet Gayen, winner of the Gold Medal
Can a quiet and peaceful young man be pushed to violence when he watches his father abuse his mother? This well constructed story builds tension beautifully to the youth's crisis.
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"The Crossword" by Alyssa Finfer, winner of the Silver Medal
The subtle love and understanding between a husband and wife play out in an old man's reminiscences of his deceased spouse as he completes his daily crossword puzzle.
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"The Assessment" by Evan Bombeke, winner of the Bronze Medal
A tantalizing exploration of the power of memory as the subject of a psychological experiment faces a transition from one life to another.
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"Blue", by Isabelle Kulick, winner of the Bronze Medal
A wrenching first person account of abuse by a step-father that leaves the reader black and blue.
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