Winning Poems

"Tlingit Farewell: Glacier Bay 1966" by Caitlin Chan, Gold Medalist
How do you respond when your homeland is taken away from you as Glacier Bay,Alaska was taken from the Tlingit Indians in 1966 to become a preserve? The poet enfolds her readers in the experience of home and its loss.
Tlinget Farewell - Glacier Bay 1966.pdf
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"Unrequited" by Lauren Harvey, Silver Medalist
This fierce poem takes readers on a journey that the author didn't intend us to take.
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"To the Woods" by Joline Hartheimer, Bronze Medalist
This poem celebrates the power of imagination to create new life.
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"Why I Do My Homework" by Michael Lee, Bronze Medalist
This poet confronts a casual question with an existential response.
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"Cuts from the Zuihitsu on My Grandfather" by Samantha Pappas, Bronze Medalist
Zuihitsu is a type of writing which connects fragments of ideas responding to one’s surroundings. The poet uses these shards of meaning to create a stained glass portrait of her grandfather, which retains the light even in the darkness of death.
Cuts from the Zuihitsu on My Grandfather
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