Winning Short Stories

"Babushka" by Jessica Li, Gold Medalist
This story may lead the reader to speculate about whether the author had recently experienced a death in the family and was using this tale about a Russian grandmother’s death to explore more fully the foreign country beyond the grave. She captures quite well the awkwardness and disconnectedness of walking into a room where a loved one no longer is.
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"Neo Genesis" by Jamie Greer, Silver Medalist
Speculating about how life might begin without referring to any sacred or scientific texts, the author of this imaginative science fiction tale gives a planet very similar to earth a new beginning, in which good and evil have novel definitions.
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"Grow" by Gavin Murtha, Bronze Medalist
The author of this remarkably concise and sensitive story leads the reader to a deeper understanding of the hidden battle that adolescents fight against themselves and a world already in place that they wish to change. Do you grow by tearing down or building up?
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