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NEH Summer Seminar for Teachers

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar for Teachers or write

Joe Pizzo in the news

NJCTE Board Member Joe Pizzo is branching out... all the way to Glasgow, Scotland!  Read more here:

Chinese Students Get a Taste of NJCTE Hospitality

Kids in Concert

The Education Law Center holds an annual event called Kids in Concert which spotlights students in high needs school districts. They would love to include students who would like to share spoken word/poetry. If any of your members have students who might be interested, here is where they can find more information.

Boy Book of the Month

NJCTE Treasurer Jim Nicosia has a list of suggested books for reluctant readers, boys and girls who don't believe falling in love with a werewolf or vampire is the most they can achieve in this life.


Bookmark his Boy Book of the Month at:

If you or an NJCTE member you know has done something we all should know about, please send us word.  We feed off the gracious acts and successes of our fellow teachers, and thrive on just a little recognition of our efforts.