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The 2016 issue of The New Jersey English Journal "The Teaching Profession: Past, Present, and Future" is available online.                 Join NJCTE to receive a printed copy.

Our 2017 theme is " Professional Growth: What’s Inspiring?” 

Manuscripts will be accepted for the 2017 journal between 4/1/16 & 12/15/16. See details below:

2017 NJEJ: "Professional Growth: What's Inspiring?"
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New Jersey English Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, will be accepting Manuscripts for the 2017 theme "Professional Growth: What is Inspiring?" until 12/15/16. See details below: 

The 2016 New Jersey English Journal will be released on April 2, 2016, at the Spring Conference. 




2017 Issue of

New Jersey English Journal:

New Jersey English Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, invites you to share submissions on “Professional Growth: What’s Inspiring?”  We seek researched articles as well as 500-word personal essays and other creative responses that shed light on the many possibilities, topics, issues, problems and solutions related to professional growth and inspiration in teaching K-12 and college. Articles should relate directly to English Language Arts teaching and learning.  We value responses from both veteran and new teachers.

We invite you to respond to the theme of “Professional Growth: What’s Inspiring?” by considering such questions as:

·       Where do teachers find inspiration? (e.g., peers, workshops, education programs, mentors, books, articles, journals, and films)?

·      How can educators feel passionate and/or inspired about their jobs despite the standardization of teaching and other challenges to creativity?

·       What can teachers do to keep their passion for teaching alive, and/or continue to grow professionally?

·    What role does a teacher’s outlook or perspective play in student learning?

·       What teaching methods help teachers feel inspired and inspiring?

·      What else can teachers do to take care of themselves during challenging times - both at work and at home?

In addition to submissions that respond to the theme, we also welcome poetry on the topic of teaching.  Submissions will be accepted between April 1 and December 15, 2016.  Submissions should not have been published in any other journal. Submissions must use MLA formatting and Time New Roman or Garamond Font in Size 12.  All submissions will be reviewed by multiple members of our editorial board.  Submitters will receive a response by February 1, 2017; journal will be released by April 1, 2017.  Send queries and submissions to 2017 journal editor Liz deBeer at ldebeerwardell@gmail.com.





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New Jersey English Journal is a peer-reviewed publication of the New Jersey Council of Teachers of English. It publishes essays, notes, queries, book reviews, letters to the editor, poetry and visual art pertaining to the teaching and understanding of writing and literature. The NJEJ welcomes a variety of critical, theoretical and practical approaches.


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