2012 Young Adult Literature Issue

Young Adult Literature Issue

Spring 2012


Laura Nicosia, Editor


Young Adult Literature: Resurrecting Reading for 21st Century Students

James F. Nicosia and Laura M. Nicosia


On Becoming Lifelong Readers

Christopher de Vinck


And They Will Read

M. Jerry Weiss


The YA Protagonist: Orphaned No More

Kyle Kovacs


The Stereotypes of Female Gender in YAL

Annie Yon


Traversing the Portals of Reality

Colleen DellaPorta


Using The Hunger Games and Social Media to Cultivate a Culture of Literacy

Sarah Mulhern Gross and Michelle Lampinen


Gender Preferences for Book Genres & the Connection Between Reading & Writing Skills 

Peter Fredas


The Hunger Games and To Kill a Mockingbird: Explaining the Power Within 

Maheen Ahmad


Fairy Tales Redux: Jon Scieszka’s Revitalization of a Genre for the 21st Century Kid

James F. Nicosia and Laura M. Nicosia