2014 Issue: "The Classroom and Beyond"

2014 Issue of New Jersey English Journal: "The Classroom and Beyond"
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2          Call for Manuscripts


3          From the Editor

Dana H. Maloney




6             Reading Communities in the Classroom and Beyond: Repurposing

                 Reading and Nurturing Lifelong Readers

            Jennifer l. Felt, Melissa L. Guerrette and Justin M. Stygles 


16           “I’ve Learned All This . . . So What?”

            Meg Donhauser, Heather Hersey, Cathy Stutzman and Marci Zane


23        Ideas for Using Informational Text to Teach Literature: A Model Based

                on To Kill a Mockingbird

            Audrey A. Fisch and Susan Chenelle


29          Contemporary Literacies Beyond the Classroom:  A Teacher Seeks Out

                  Participatory Culture

                Lauren Goldberg


35          Connecting The Language Arts Core Curriculum to the Global Economy

            Liz deBeer , Tiffany Gross and Ginger Wardell


40       You Have the Right to Remain Silent… But a Voice to Make a

                Difference!  (Ten Starting Points for Introducing “Social Justice” in

                Your Language Arts Classroom)

            Michael James D’Amato


43       The Global Competency Lesson:  Preparing our Students for the Modern


            Kristen Hager



46       To Be or Not to Be

 M. Jerry Weiss


49       James T. Farrell:  Worthy of Appreciation            

Walter H. Johnson


52       Advising New Teachers:  Beware of the Stairs    

Liz deBeer





42       The Incorporation of Education                    

Joseph S. Pizzo


55          First Period

Anne Wessel Dwyer


56         Personal Essay

Fortune found in a cookie from Tak Shing City

            Ethan Tinkler                                                                                    


57       No Imagination

            Ann M. DeVenezia


58       Ode 214                                                                                            


Lauren Malanka