2015 Issue: "The Role of Assessment"

2015 Issue of New Jersey English Journal: "The Role of Assessment"
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Cover of 2015 Issue of New Jersey English Journal: "The Role of Assessment"; cover design by Tomer Aberbach
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2          Call for Manuscripts


3          From the Editor

Dana H. Maloney




6            Multimodal Digital Assessments in the English Language Arts                                 Classroom: Designing Literacy Tasks Using Digital Technology

            Jennnifer Kingma Wall


13           The Common Core State Standards and Service Learning:  A Process                   versus Product Approach

            Maureen Connolly, Alison Buske and Brian Garsh


19       On Standardization in Schools, Remembering the Student

                David Crews


24          “Survey Says!”:  Feedback to Create a Culture of Self-Assessment

            Oona Marie Abrams


29         Who Likes to Get Weighed?  Reflections on Assessment by a Teacher                  and a Student

            Liz deBeer  and Meg West




34       Robert McCloskey’s Centennial Celebration: A Fitting Tribute

 Walter H. Johnson




37        Pearl Grey River with Blue Blue Boats

Patricia Bender

38       Loser            

Sara deBeer


40       Uncommon Core; Extraordinary Care

Joseph S. Pizzo


ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY by Tenafly High School students:

5              Yuri Han

17            Yuri Han

18            Maia Katz, Elizabeth Densen

23           Hailey Ryan

28           Yuri Han

33           Yuri Han

36           Yuri Han

39           Brian Guevara

40           Yuri Han

41            Yuri Han              


COVER DESIGN by Tomer Aberbach for New Jersey English Journal.  Tomer is a junior at Tenafly High School.