2016 Issue: "The Teaching Profession: Past, Present, & Future"

2016 Issue of New Jersey English Journal: "The Teaching Profession: Past, Present, and Future"
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Cover of 2016 Issue of New Jersey English Journal: "The Teaching Profession: Past, Present, and Future"; cover design by Tomer Aberbach
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The New Jersey English Journal

2016 Issue

3 Call for Manuscripts


4 From the Editor

Liz deBeer

The Teaching Profession: Past, Present, and Future


8 Flower for a Teacher

Edwin Romond


9 Four Little Words
Patricia Emerson


10   My Past Students Guide Their Present Students to Change the Future

Maureen Connolly, Alison Buske, and Ana Lanfranchi


17 Shed Skin
Sheryl Lain


18 My Journey to Loving Literature

Mary Bennett


20 A Marathon, Not A Sprint: Preserving the Profession through
         Professional Networks

Sheila Benson and Trudy McKeag


27 Shifting Sands

Erika Robinson


29 Mixing Messages and Skipping Thirteenth Grade

John Strauss

34 Loser

Sara deBeer

36 English Teacher’s Lament

David Drew Lerner


37 Variety Leads to Longevity

Walter H. Johnson


39 An Unexpected Music Lesson While Presenting a PD Workshop: The Day I Became a Maestro

Joe Pizzo


44 On My Son’s Prom Night: I Think of Fiddler on the Roof

Edwin Romond


45 The Language of Film

Alrick Brown


46 Diversity Vs. Social Justice

Liza Katz


49 Inspiring Change, One Novel at a Time

Annie Yon


53 Past, Present, Future

Maureen Connolly


54 Past: First Year of Teaching, Present: Now,
Future: Yes, I’ll Continue Teaching!

Diana Aguirre


57 More Than a Dollar

Meg Freeman


58 Two-Twenty PM

David Drew Lerner



5, 19, 33, 35, 43, 52 Izzy Boyce Blanchard


38, 56      Maggie Boyce Blanchard

COVER DESIGN by Tomer Aberbach