2017 Issue:

"Professional Growth: What's Inspiring?"

Cover 2017 New Jersey English Journal
Designed by editors Liz deBeer & Patricia Bender
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New Jersey English Journal "Professional Growth: What's Inspiring?"
4 Call for Manuscripts
5 From the Editor
7 Awards
11 About the Artists
12 Spark by Liz deBeer
14 Again, September by Edwin Romond
15 Reaching Students Effectively by Kiersten Zinnikas
16 Queering the English Canon by Swati Dontamsetti
18 Digitally Motivated: Inspire Adolescents with the 21st Century
Portfolio by Lauren Heimlich Foley
24 A Confluence of Voices: When Yellowstone Writing Project
Teachers and Western Literature Association Scholars Meet for
Professional Development by Allison Wynhoff Olsen
26 Twitter and Pre-Service Teachers: Overcoming Obstacles to
Become “Real Teachers.” by Kendal Brooks, Ciera Cornelison, Mike
P. Cook, and Brandon Sams
34 What’s Motivating? A Personal Reflection from the Eyes of a New
Teacher by Erika Richardson
36 Co-Teaching in the Dual-Credit Classroom: Collaboration for
High School and College Teachers by Caroline Wilkinson
41 The Art of Inspired Teaching by Eileen Dormer
43 Two Views of a Writers’ Group: Reflec
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