Transformative Teaching in the 21st Century: Teachers as Catalysts
2018 Online Journal
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New Jersey English Journal:
2018 Issue

Transformative Teaching in the 21st Century:

Teachers as Catalysts


3  Call for Manuscripts

4  From the Editor   

     Liz deBeer

8  Shake Hands with the Muse

     Marian Calabro

9  An Imaginary Party Sparks Academic Conversation

     Lauren Zucker

12 Transforming Literacy Education for First-Generation College Students

     Earl Aguilera and Geraldine Lopez

21 The Need to be FLEXible: Teaching English in the Republic of Georgia

     Elliot Tombs

24 Tribute to M. Jerry Weiss: Professor, Author, Inspiration

     Maria Schantz and Lois Sullivan

30  7:17 AM

     Sue Kenney

31  Transformative Teaching:
      Rewriting the World in the English Classroom through Literature

      Patricia Hans

40 The Growth of a Growth Mindset

     Scott Hebenstreit

48 Dancing on Beat

     Rachelle Parker

49 Finding Calm in a Sea of Doubt

     Kelsey Kazmac

51 Coaching Writers: Three Lessons a Writing Teacher Can Learn from a High School Swim Coach

     Jason J. Griffith

69 Composing Our Classrooms:
     A Veteran Provides Context for Inclusion and Collaborations 
     Anthony Albright

72  Rememory

     Marian Calabro

73 Beyond Ability: How Disability Enables Us to See Injustice
     Chris Bass  

81  Education, not Standardization:
     (What if high-stakes testing were to be abolished?)

     Joseph S. Pizzo

82  The Power of Class Discussion: The Art of Letting Kids Talk

     Astrid Alvarez 

88 Graphic Novels in the Pedagogical Literary Landscape:

      Persepolis & “The Cannon”

     Nimisha Patel

95  My Ball

      Rachelle Parker

96 Anonymous Online Polling: A 21st Century Discussion Hook

     Maria Geiger



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