NJCTE Wins Affiliate of Excellence

Dear Susan:

It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you that the New Jersey Council of Teachers of English is one of eight affiliates which have qualified for the NCTE Affiliate Excellence Award. Those who have been named winners are clearly great models of how affiliates should work to be the best possible support to their members.

I was very impressed with your affiliate’s work this year for a number of reasons.  You have a consistently strong convention with exciting sessions; further, the work individual members have done to support the convention as well as related opportunities for the council is impressive and provides to many activities for the larger membership to be impacted by your good work.  Your journal is an exceptionally strong means of communication in keeping members informed and aware; your website also provides a strong mechanism for reaching out to your membership and was quite easy to navigate which I appreciated immensely.  I also found myself coming back to your idea of Project SPARK and hope to hear more about it at upcoming leadership meetings and, possibly, the next NCTE convention; the idea behind it has so much potential.  Finally, I appreciated that you have maintained such a strong presence at the NCTE convention.  New Jersey definitely is an affiliate that can be seen as a role model to others in terms of great ideas for keeping membership involved in the great works of the group.

I invite you and members of the affiliate to attend the affiliates’ breakfast at the convention in Atlanta, 7 a.m., Sunday, November 20.

Again, congratulations on your outstanding achievement. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.


Jean Boreen

Jean Boreen

Chair, 2016 NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates



Dr. Jean Boreen

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Professor of English

Northern Arizona University

(928) 523-6765