The NJCTE Executive Board

President: Audrey Fisch

Vice-President: Patricia Hans

Recording Secretary: Beth Ann Bates

Treasurer: Jim Nicosia

Journal Editor: Liz DeBeer

Section Editor (Journal): Donna Jorgenson

Writing Contest Director: Michele Marotta

Past President: Susan Reese

Membership: Denise Weintraut

Spark Co-Chairs: Jennifer Ansbach, Patricia Hans

Technology Committee Chair: Sarah Gross

Blog Editor: Susan Chenelle

Focus Co-chairs: Susan Reese, Pat Schall

Fall Conference Chairs: Joseph Pizzo and Denise Weintraut

Spring Conference Chairs: Jim and Laura Nicosia

Becker Award Committee: Jim Nicosia, Laura Nicosia

African-American Read-in: Maria Schantz

NCTE Liaison: Patricia Schall

NJEA Liaison: Joseph Pizzo 

Other Board Members: Oona Abrams, Kate Baker

 ...and always room for more...

Check our homepage for upcoming meetings (all are welcome).